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For those who do not know me I am 27 years old, I am currently the goalkeeper of Cittadella Calcio in Serie B and I am part of the #WannaBeAPro team

My career has been a swing. Up to the age of 10 I played in the team of my country, for the next 5 I parried in teams that played provincial / regional championships and then I landed in AC MILAN! A dream come true: beautiful fields, coaches with history and experience, so much to learn. I touched the sky with a finger in 2011 when in February I was called up with the first team: training with Pato, Robinho, Abbiati, Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel, Thiago Silva, Gattuso, Cassano … chills!
But the career doesn’t always follow a single track. In 2012 my apprenticeship begins. I am bought from Pontisola, Serie D line-up. From the Serie A championship I won I had to start from scratch in the amateurs.Fortunately, my way of life has always been combative and I have taken this “downgrade” as an incentive to take the push from which to  start again . We finished second in the standings with one of the best defenses in the championship and from there the doors of professionalism opened again. In 2013 I arrived at Tritium in c1 and in 2014 at Virtus Verona in c2. Other years of battles chasing a target. In 2015 I alternated 6 months in Mantua and 6 months in Gorgonzola, always in the Lega Pro. In 2016 I stay in Gorgonzola and I contribute to the salvation of  Giana Erminio.
In June of that year, the turning point: the Cittadella Calcio offers me a 3-year contract for the SERIE B! What an emotion!

] Together with Valerio Filippi I am a founding partner of #WannaBeAPro. [/ Konte_icon_box]

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